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Arts integration is instruction that integrates content and skills from the arts — dance, music, theater, and the visual arts — with other core subjects. Arts integration occurs when there is a seamless blending of the content and skills of an art form with those of a co-curricular subject. Professional development programs including the Maryland Artistry in Teaching Institute (MATI) offer training in the arts integrated approach to instruction. Organizations such as AEMS, Young Audiences/Arts for Learning Maryland, and Arts Every Day host workshops on integrating the arts across the curriculum.

Download a copy of the AEMS Creating an Arts Integration School Resource.

Are you interested in downloading ready to use arts-integrated lesson plans? Check out the ArtsEdge website. Interested in arts-integrated lesson plans that support 21st Century Skills? Check out the Verizon Foundation's Thinkfinity website.

The Maryland Arts Integration Resource Guide, compiled by Arts Integration Specialist and Teaching Artist Karen Bernstein, is designed for teachers and administrators in Maryland schools and is filled with resources to improve the quality of instruction in your classroom by teaching in and through the arts. The information in this document will assist you in locating high-quality individual artists and companies to bring to your school to support this effort and help you identify sources for funding to make it possible. This guide lists the professional development available for teachers to help gain insight into new strategies on how to be more effective and confident teachers using arts integration. The information included will also lead you to arts organizations, web sites, conferences, and books to discover more about the arts and arts integration.

Download your copy of the Maryland Teachers Arts Education Resource Guide and the Art Education Resource Guide.

The Arts Education Partnership (AEP) provides information and communication about current and emerging arts education policies, issues, and activities at the national, state, and local levels. AEP has produced a number of useful publications that focus on arts integration.

RealVisions is pleased to announce the availability of its new book, The ARTS Book: Designing Quality Arts Integration with Alignment, Rigor, Teamwork and Sustainability by Linda Whitesitt, Ph.D. and Elda Franklin, Ed.D.

Eric Booth has called it "...a thorough, reliable, wise, inspiring, user friendly, distillation of the best the field of arts learning knows. ... a book that will take the national experiment in arts integration ahead a giant step."

Ralph Opacic (president of ASN) says the book "...clearly defines what authentic arts integration is... an excellent book for any classroom teacher or arts administrator interested in enriching instruction..."

"This book should be required reading for anyone wanting to start [or evaluate] an arts integration program." John Ceschini (Arts Integration Officer, Prince George's County Public Schools)

Valerie Morris, dean, School of the Arts, College of Charleston says The ARTS Book "...provides essential tools... for anyone interested in the power of arts integration to transform schools."'

Written by Drs. Linda Whitesitt and Elda Franklin, this in-depth narrative guides the reader through a logical and achievable process that is based on extensive evaluations of arts integration projects and programs that include more that 1000 classroom observation. The book addresses 'how to' establish and/or evaluate a quality arts integration program or project.

The ARTS Book describes four factors that are essential in quality arts integration programs: alignment, rigor, teamwork and sustainability.

Based on the authors' evaluations of eight arts integration projects over the past seven years in which they conducted over 1,000 structured classroom observations of arts-integrated lessons, The ARTS Book explains how to: Align project vision, activities, and outcomes; Align professional development offerings with arts integration curriculum and instruction; Ensure rigorous professional development; Guarantee rigorous arts integration curriculum and instruction; Include teamwork as a foundational strategy in project design and professional development; and Embed the sustainability of transformed teacher practice in the overall project design.

Learn more about The ARTS Book:

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