The Imagination Conversations

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Imagination, the ability to visualize new possibilities, is a prerequisite for success in the 21st-century global economy. America has long been at the vanguard of creation and innovation, but an economic downturn and increased worldwide competition mean that we cannot take our position for granted. Now more than ever, we must teach imagination in our schools and nurture it in our communities.

The Imagination Conversations respond to this need and prepare us for the future by: building national awareness of imagination as a vital tool in work and in life; sparking dialogue about imagination across the professional spectrum; leading to the creation of an action plan to make imagination an integral part of American education.

The Imagination Conversations, a project of Lincoln Center Institute and a part of the Lincoln Center 50 Years celebration, ran from the fall of 2009 to the spring of 2011. Many were hosted by state government, business, and cultural leaders. They featured diverse groups of panelists with distinctive perspectives and drew a wide range of audience members from the public and private sectors. Moderators facilitate the conversations, some of which reach viewers nationwide via live and archived streaming video.

Maryland Conversations: Executive Summary

Maryland Conversations: Full Report

The Lincoln Center Institute's Findings of the Imagination Conversations:
The Lessons of a Two-Year National Initiative

CAFE XII: Imagination, Creativity and Innovation - Panel Discussion

CAFE XII: Imagination, Creativity and Innovation - Breakout Sessions

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