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As a direct result of the 1999 Deans’ Roundtable meeting, a number of Maryland institutions of higher education initiated programs in arts integration on the belief that students who are learning in and through the arts are transformed and, in turn, the teachers and the schools themselves are transformed. It was from these efforts that the AEMS Higher Education in the Arts Task (HEAT) Force was developed to enhance pre-and in-service teacher training in arts integration as well as a host of other efforts that support teaching and learning in and through the arts.

In the fall of 2009, the HEAT Force was expanded to include representatives of all Maryland higher education institutions with training programs for arts teachers.  The expanded HEAT Force is focusing on the recommendations from the Deans’ Roundtable held in March of 2009, which address the quality of pre and in-service teacher training in the arts and in arts integration.

Under the aegis of the AEMS HEAT Force, those institutions pursuing arts integration initiatives have collaborated to improve their programs. The effectiveness of the courses -- their impact on teaching and ultimately student outcomes -- has been continually evaluated and the offerings honed and expanded as a result. The HEAT Force has developed a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Arts Integration to afford teachers who undertake extensive training in arts integration the opportunity to receive a professional credential recognizing their special capacities. The certificate is multi-institutional; participating programs include:

  • Towson University’s Arts Integration Institute, offering training for teachers both pre-service and in-service. Towson University is the host institution for the Post-Baccalaureate Certificate.
  • The University of Maryland, College Park’s Crossing Borders/Breaking Boundaries arts integration institute. This program explores interdisciplinary arts instruction and integration of the arts with the humanities disciplines.
  • Maryland Artist/Teacher Institute, sponsored by Maryland State Department of Education, Maryland State Arts Council, and AEMS, trains elementary and middle school teams (university credits offered through University of Maryland, College Park).
  • The University of Maryland Baltimore County is exploring integrating arts with technology.
  • Johns Hopkins University offers a theoretical basis for arts integration through the course, Mind, Brain and Teaching.

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