Alvin and Louise Myerberg Arts Leadership Recognition Awards

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Arts Education in Maryland Schools Alliance, in honor of Alvin and Louise Myerberg, is pleased to provide the Arts Leadership Recognition Awards. The awards are designed to recognize and honor principals for their excellent arts education leadership and for providing a creative learning environment for outstanding student achievement. The awards are presented to outstanding principals from Maryland public school systems who recognize the power of the arts in preparing today's learner with 21st century skills, and in doing so support teaching in and through the arts as a way of engaging students.

AEMS Alliance understands that helping principals do a better job should be the cornerstone of efforts to improve student learning. AEMS is committed to facilitating enhanced opportunities for principals who support arts-based instruction, arts integration, and teaching strategies that enrich and deepen arts instruction across all subject areas.

Each year, AEMS hosts an event to honor the nominated principals and announce the award winners. The 2018 Arts Leadership Recognition Event was hosted in partnership with the UMBC Department of Education and the 12th Annual Arts Integration Conference. This partnership provided continued learning and professional development opportunities for the Principals and their teachers.

Thank you to the Fine Arts Supervisors who make it possible to honor such distinguished leaders in Maryland public education!

The 2018 Nominees for the Alvin & Louise Myerberg Arts Leadership Award


2018 Winners of the Arts Leadership Recognition Awards:

  • Chrobak photo Megan Chrobak, Oakland Mills Middle School, Howard County
  • Megan Chrobak is said to be constantly advocating for arts programs, and pushing for our school to receive necessary materials. She supports requests for instruments specifically for students in need, and often offers financial aid to those who need help paying for field trips. Ms. Chrobak has planned the entire school schedule around musical ensembles, and works to ensure that students who wish to be in Art can do so. She is an invaluable ally in allotting funds and materials to support any in-school or extra-curricular activity that a teacher wants to provide the students. County representatives are often brought in to see the work being done in her school. Ms. Chrobak is also constantly featuring arts achievements from our school on social media, as a way to reach people inside and out of the school community.


  • Deeny photo Alicia Deeny, Takoma Park Middle School, Montgomery County
  • Alicia Deeny supports her arts programs by holding them to the same standards as all classes at TPMS, by fully supporting arts classes in the school budget, and by giving arts teachers the autonomy to create forward-thinking, rigorous, and creative programs based on their own expertise while making sure they meet MCPS and National standards. She has supported and fully funded the recreation of a General/Choral Music program at her school in 2013, as well as the creation of Theatre classes and a Dance team in 2016. She encourages and allows her arts teachers to think beyond the basics and to create modern, rigorous, and engaging arts classes that include current technology and techniques, and she continues an eight period day to allow for all students to have the opportunity to take arts classes.


  • Furlow photo Carla Furlow, Montpelier Elementary School, Prince George's County
  • Carla Furlow has led the movement to make sure that 100% of Montpelier’s classrooms incorporate arts integration strategies and lessons throughout the general education curriculum. The Department of Arts Integration has observed that all of the art forms are being used throughout the school building. In addition, the Arts Specialists integrate literacy and other contents into their classrooms in order to promote the school wide goal of improving writing. Mrs. Furlow has helped to facilitate a plethora of partnerships for Montpelier Elementary. Students at all grade levels have had the opportunity to work with Teaching Artists. Mrs. Furlow sanctioned the art teacher, Ms. Decker, to provide professional development to staff during the August back to school week on how to use Sculptionary in their classrooms. She has also worked with the PGCPS Department of Arts Integration to bring county staff to the school to deliver professional development to the staff every other month. Mrs. Furlow is an outstanding advocate for arts education.

2018 Nominees for the Arts Leadership Recogniton Awards:

  • Goncz photoKenneth Goncz, Liberty High School, Carroll County
  • At Liberty High School, Kenneth Goncz has been committed to scheduling fine arts courses to maximize student participation in the arts. While only one credit in the fine arts meets county graduation requirements, the vast majority of students take many more Fine Arts Courses. Upon graduation, the current class of 303 seniors will have taken a total of 567 credits of fine arts while they were in high school. Currently, Liberty High School students occupy 822 seats in fine arts classrooms. Mr. Goncz is an advocate for fine arts to be institutionalized in order to provide continuity when there are changes in administration and teaching staff. He ensures that Liberty’s fine arts programs are treasured and valued in the community and this positive image promotes growth in the program. The administration sponsors a fine arts day at the feeder middle school each year where student performing groups travel to the school to perform and promote the program.

  • Jones photoDwayne Jones, Laurel High School, Prince George's County
  • Dwayne Jones is a strong advocate of the arts in Laurel High School. The school employs full-time art, dance, drama, instrumental music, and choral music teachers. Laurel High School is the only school in the county, and one of a few in the area, to offer all of the IB arts classes. He works closely with Central Office to allow systemic events to be hosted at the school during and after the school day. He has modified the bell schedule in order to accommodate the needs of larger events. Mr. Jones is not only supportive of the arts in scheduling and in regular attendance at performances, but he is also financially supportive of the arts. Laurel High School works hard to bring the arts into the lives of its students and he works diligently to provide extended opportunities beyond the classroom.

  • Streaker photoKarl Streaker, Mt. Airy Middle School, Carroll County
  • Karl Streaker supports staff to design education programs and curriculum that are carefully aligned to the state standards for arts courses. Mr. Streaker works closely with the Fine Arts staff in order to ensure the appropriate grade level decisions are made concerning course offerings, instructional methods, activities, and instructional materials. In order to truly maximize the benefits of the arts in education, Mr. Streaker recognizes that it is vital that arts are integrated into the total school curriculum. He also has worked collaboratively with community organizations to purchase a new music and performance sound system. He promotes the visitation of musicians to assist with band and orchestra students.

  • Warner  photoWhitney Warner, Westminster Elementary School, Carroll County
  • Whitney Warner is a strong supporter of the art and music programs at Westminster Elementary School. As a classically trained violinist, she participates with the school orchestra in class and in performances. She has encouraged her instrumental and vocal music ensembles to perform in the community and has advocated for field trips to local arts institutions. Ms. Warner provides budgetary support for the arts by investing in the art facilities and supplies, including the purchase of a new kiln. She has provided dedicated spaces in the school to display student art work in order to create a welcoming atmosphere. She believes that arts programs are an integral part of her school and advocates for the importance of the arts as a creative outlet.


  • Webb  photoGordon Webb, Sudbrook Magnet Middle School, Baltimore County
  • Gordon Webb has proved to be a passionate and effective promoter of arts education at a time when new initiatives have threatened to diminish its importance. Mr. Webb demonstrates his commitment not only by speaking to the importance of arts education, but through proactive planning and scheduling and budgeting. He also supports out of school enrichment. His school budget generously includes funding for supplies, technology, and staffing for arts programs. He has also brought in performances for school assemblies and allowed students to perform outside of school. Last year, there were 52 student performances in total, and Mr. Webb is a regular attendee of all student performances.


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